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    Questions from Rita Mulcahy's PMP Exam Prep 8th Edition

    I'm reading Rita Mulcahy's Exam Prep . It lists one of the planning actions as determine how you will plan the planning, executing and controlling efforts for stakeholders , requirements, scope,schedule, cost, quality, process improvement, human resources, communications, risk , procurement...
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    Session Information has not been sent

    Hello, There is an issue whereby I was told by Steve M. of Simplilearn, that my PMP instructor would be Tim Jerome , but I was given session information for a different instructor. I have called to make a complaint and have yet to receive the correct session information for the correct...
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    PMP test

    Is it possible to take a web proctored PMP certification exam?
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    Kindle Itil book to correspond with course

    Hello, I've registered for the ITIL foundation course. What kindle book(s) do you recommend I read in addition to the online training videos ?