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  1. Mukesh Sahu

    DS WITH Python | Jun- 6| Vaishali

    Hi all, Please use this thread for python queries.
  2. Mukesh Sahu

    How to report improvements in Simplilearn PMP assessments?

    Hi Samuel, You can create a support request and pass on your feedback on the assessments. Please mention the simulation test number and question numbers. The content is still on the current exam content outline. We will be updating it from Jul 2020.
  3. Mukesh Sahu

    ITIL4 Foundation Certification

    If you have unlocked your certificate, please login to your LMS and refer to the profile tab. You will find the exam tab there. You can click on that and book your exam.
  4. Mukesh Sahu

    ITIL Foundation training - PDUs information

    Here are the PDU segmentation 1. Technical - 3 PDUs 2. Leadership - 1 PDU 3. Strategic - 15 PDUs
  5. Mukesh Sahu

    i am looking for CBAP PDF notes. please help. I ...

    There has been a change to the LMS layout. It is available in Sel-Learning tab in course resources segment
  6. Mukesh Sahu

    PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner | Nov 9,10,16,17 | Anoop

    Hi All, Here is the link https://www.dropbox.com/s/3ewhcy67tvshxab/Prince%202Notes%20Nov%209%20Final.pages?dl=0
  7. Mukesh Sahu

    PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner | Nov 9,10,16,17 | Anoop

    Hello Everyone, This link is made for your class, so as you can complete the course Fast and appear for the examination. Thanks, Team Simplilearn
  8. Mukesh Sahu

    review my Application

    Your application is good to go for submission to PMI.
  9. Mukesh Sahu

    simulation test 1

    Hi Archana, Your query will be answered shortly.
  10. Mukesh Sahu

    Writing discription in PMP Application

    We have responded to you. Please check your notification messages.
  11. Mukesh Sahu

    Please send your PMP application draft to studentsuccess@simplilearn.net

    Please send your PMP application draft to studentsuccess@simplilearn.net
  12. Mukesh Sahu

    Communication question

  13. Mukesh Sahu

    Happy Learning

  14. Mukesh Sahu

    where are the practice exams?

    They are in the Assessment tab of your Learning Management System.
  15. Mukesh Sahu

    ASQ vs IASSC ceritification

    ASQ certification requires experience in the quality domain whereas IASSC doesn't require experience. ASQ provides Certified Six Sigma Green Belt and IASSC provides Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  16. Mukesh Sahu

    Regarding PDU

    Please refer to the following thread https://community.simplilearn.com/threads/pmp-application-process.24211/
  17. Mukesh Sahu

    April 5th Batch| Mr Kumar

    Kindly use this thread to post.
  18. Mukesh Sahu

    No. of hours not accepted as qualified hours

    Hi, The reason could be the part of the project duration is not falling in last 8 years. You can share your application draft via Help and support page if you haven't submitted your application. Regards, Mukesh
  19. Mukesh Sahu

    About PMP Simplilearn Course

    The online classes recordings are valid for lifetime once these are downloaded to your machine.
  20. Mukesh Sahu

    Scenarios aren't working

    Please refer to this thread. This may work https://community.simplilearn.com/threads/unable-to-perform-quizzes-or-play-some-videos.32467/