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    Critical errors with website for project

    My website crashed after I installed and activated a WPBackup to Dropbox plugin; error - Fatal Error, and now HTTP 500 error. Are there instructions or tutorial w/i for logging in to my website via FTP? I'd like to deactivate the plugins w/i FTP
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    Domain naming

    Thanks so much for your helps, I really appreciate the wealth of info
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    Domain naming

    I am a Digital Marketing student and I am trying to create my 1st website, however I don’t know what the steps are in bestowing a domain its name. I would greatly appreciate any assistance in giving my 1st website a name.
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    Compatibility with Microsoft Windows 10

    When I attempt to launch Simplilearn ( Digital Marketing Specialist) on my laptop running Windows 10 a blank screen appears and lms.simplearn.com halts, any suggestions in launching Simplilearn completely with my HP laptop?