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    NO LIVE CLASSES - Master of Project Mgt

    There has been no live classes for months, you have also failed to provide updated class materials in line with the new PMBOK. Please advise when both will be available. TIA
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    Live Classes for PgMP and PMI-RMP

    For months you have not had live classed for Program Mgt or Risk Mgt. I only have 11 weeks left. When will these classes be scheduled. TIA
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    Live Classes for PgMP and PMI-RMP

    For months you have not had live classed for Program Mgt or Risk Mgt. I only have 11 weeks left. When will these classes be scheduled. TIA
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    No Live Classes available

    Hi, I can't see any Live Classes for any of my courses. Thanks, Desiree
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    @Tim - pls help:Mock 5, Qu 160

    Why isn't it implement risk response? I thought the fallback plan would be used only if the risk response fails.
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    Functional organization Vs Weak Matrix

    Yes the alignments are correct, but I would also like to know are there "key" words to guide you to choose 'weak' over 'functional' or 'projectized' vs 'matrix' as the characteristics are similar and the difference between getting the answer right or wrong. TIA
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    @Tim - Test 1 qu85

    In other questions similar to this...it says, to always go to the source i.e. the customer. In this example, it says, "review the comms mgt plan first". To my mind, you'd do both, but it seems like the answers are not always consistent. Any advice on why this is different? Thank you
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    Simulation Test 3: Qu 131@Tim or anyone

    Have I misunderstood this question: why Would a task with positive CPI gain my immediate attention vs A or B where cost and schedule are greater than was planned: CONFUSED. TIA
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    No network diagram in Sample paper 3 question number 39 and so on

    No...it implies that the diagram should be displayed and we are to make a choice. Questions 29-48. I have the same issue
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    Simplilearn Team - pls verify

    The following question/answer says that for Define Scope; requirements documentation is not an input although it is clearly stated in PMBOK p150 that it is. (In fact, all of the below are stated as inputs) Is it an error within the PMBOK or am I missing something
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    project team

    @ Tim...I also thought it was not understanding the scope, but the answer was D - self review. It is really frustrating as this could mean the difference in pass or fail if you get enough of these scenarios in the exam
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    @Tim - Risk - Accept vs Transfer

    @tim, can we revisit this question. Your response is from 2015; you imply the process is iterative so why wouldn't it be D...although I also think B is a good choice
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    I thought it was 'C'...the answer came back as 'B' as the requirements complied with the contract. But what about the relationship with the client and the PM doing what they they think is right?
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    PMP Simulation test

    Just completed Simulation Test 1 for the 2nd time and wanted to review the questions I skipped. It states that I have only completed 22/200 questions. This is incorrect...I do not want to refresh or finish as 1) I might lose my work & 2) the result will include those questions I have not...
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    Passed my PMP Exam - thanks!

    Congratulations!! Thank you for the great exam advice.
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    Simulation Test paper 1 Q72

    same issue
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    PMP PMBOK 6th Edition Questions without answers

    Hi All, especially fellow students from today's batch (that finished with Tim). As per Tim's suggestion, I have created a copy of "PMP PMBOK 6th Edition Exam Questions" without answers and thought I'd save the rest of you the trouble! :) Best of luck to all and thanks @tim jerome.