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    Data Science with R: Pulling data from spreadsheet without having to download the csv file

    Hi everyone, I have a simple question regarding R programming. I wanted to import data from google spreadsheet to R without having to download the file beforehand. Is this possible to do in R? And if it is, are there any books or tutorials pertaining to this that you can recommend to me? Thank...
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    Data Analytics with Python Live Classes

    Hi Support Team, I have just seen in the live class section for Python that all the clases start at midnight and end at 4:30 in the morning for me. Will there be more live classes assigned to the course that doesn't start at that hour? Thank you in advance for replying.
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    Power BI Live Class

    Hi, I just wanted to ask about the Power BI classes again since there has been no answer on other similar threads. I saw on my Power BI live class tab that there's no available class. When will the classes be available and when will it start? Thank you in advance for the reply.
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    Completing Live Classes

    Hi Support Team, I have registered for a batch of live classes but was unable to attend one of the sessions due to an urgent matter. Will this one missed session cause me not to get my certification? Thank you.
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    Live Classes Attendance

    Hi, I have attended 1 live class on the 14th of September, but my dashboard is still showing 0 classes completed for that course. Is this an issue with the website or is it because I have done something wrong? Thank you.