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    LMS Account

    I had asked for an extension to write my PMP by 1 month, which Simplilearn said they changed. I was told that the date was changed to the LMS account...where do I find this info? Please send me a link or steps how to locate this. How do I change my old expired date to register my new date so...
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    Accessing classes on phone

    I want to study my PMP class on my phone but I don't know how to access it..... Please provide step by step explanation....because I can't seem to pull the videos from the site. How do you do this? Laurel
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    Video Courses - PMP Dec 14-Jan 18 2018/19

    Hello I can pull up all the video for the PMP course I took except for lessons 5 and 6....(jan 4,5) Does anyone have the videos then can send me?
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    extension to write PMP

    I took the PMP course last december and finished in January 2019, I need to write the exam and I thought I saw somewhere that we now have an extra 6 months to write it....I have delayed my exam because I relocated from the west to eastern Canada for a job. Thanks for your replies!
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    Planning Process Group - pmp question

    PPG is creating the actions for a project. Do these actions need to be approved by the stakeholders or even the sponsor? Or is this the responsibility of the PM to deal with. I am studying for my exam and watching videos from Tim's classes. Thank you
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    PMP video's Dec 14-Jan 18 Tim's Class

    Hi Classmates! I was wondering if anyone was having difficulty downloading Tim's records Class 5 and 6? All the other courses downloaded correctly just these two didn't. Cheers Laurel
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    PMP - Mini Projects How to Apply

    I am an Interior Designer and my work that I do have start to finish mini projects. Example : Kitchen Design Projects. How do I fill out the PMP Application form for this? My hours vary of course based on the size of the project. Also - Can I just use the description for Initiating the...
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    PMP Form - Attained education

    I am trying to fill out the form for PMP. I have a 3 year Diploma in Interior Design and there is nothing in the dropdown for college diploma....what am I supposed to do? I am more educated than high school but do not have a university degree... Thank in advance for responses.
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    How to CALCULATE A control chart

    Hello I am trying to complete the control chart needed for the final project for PMP. I have the control limits..and we are to make up the means because none are provided. What is the formula needed to complete this? I have been searching on the internet and it is confusing as I am getting...
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    Tim Jerome's Class Notes PMP

    HI MY USB crashed. PMP COURSE - Can anyone help me get Tims Jeromes Class notes so I can re load them? MY class started in Dec and Ends Jan 18 (19) Thanks Laurel
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    Final Project - Need help

    I am really struggling with regards to creating the document for the final project. I come from the design industry and was doing fine with answering the question and understanding the course for PMP. I feel so lost with trying to figure out how to complete this project. At one point the...