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    TIM: Question about M&C Process Group

    I came across this question in practice test #5. I initially thought option C was correct but was thrown off because the process group is called "Monitoring and Controlling" not simply "Controlling". I assumed this was a trick question! Can we assume it is acceptable to abbreviate the names of...
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    TIM: another question on Closing

    I struggled with this question, too. Thanks for the explanation, Tim. Should we assume for the exam that the sequences listed in the exam content outline are how PMI would want us to answer the questions related to the order of activities?
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    TIM: Unable to find topics from practice tests in PMBOK

    Thanks, Tim. I guess this is just something I'm struggling with because I don't know what materials to study that would prepare me for those topics not included in the PMBOK or eBook. Are there specific sources you'd recommend we read prior to the exam?
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    TIM: Unable to find topics from practice tests in PMBOK

    Thank you. Just out of curiosity, why are there topics included in the practice tests that are not within the PMBOK, then?
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    Order or sequence of processes and activities?

    Does anyone know if there is a chart or other visual that I can study that will give the typical sequence of all the processes and associated activities? I'm noticing there are some questions related to the order we should perform activities and when I apply my experience, it's almost always...
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    Dummy Questions

    I have encountered several "Dummy" questions in the 4th practice test that are explained as to judge difficulty. Are these to represent the 25 questions on the PMP that will not be counted? Can we expect that these types of questions will cover topics that are not included in PMBOK v5? Which of...
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    Can't find this in the PMBOK

    I am facing the same frustrations. I just took the 4th exam yesterday and if it weren't for these obscure questions, I would have scored an 80% or better. I will be reading the chapter Duncan posted above. Hopefully that will shed some light! If there are any other materials we should be...
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    TIM: Unable to find topics from practice tests in PMBOK

    Thank you. I'm still unclear on why there are questions in the practice tests that are not covered in the Simplilearn material OR the PMBOK. Does anyone know? Perhaps I have missed something?
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    Practice Test 4 #30

    Can someone please explain to me why this is decomposition and not template? Is it because template is not one of the defined tools and techniques for the process of creating the WBS? Brad is the Project Manager of a new data migration project. He is supposed to release his project WBS. In...
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    Simulation Test question confusion

    If it makes you feel any better, many of the test questions I read in the simplilearn practice tests are jumbled. I spend half my time trying to decipher what is being asked, as the verbiage is jumbled and confusing. There are even some questions where there are duplicate answers.
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    TIM: Unable to find topics from practice tests in PMBOK

    Here are a few more from Test #4. I am so confused about where we are supposed to get this information and need to take my test next week! Can someone please help me understand what I am supposed to study to ensure I know these terms and theories? Monte Carlo – latin hypercube Blake Mouton...
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    TIM: Unable to find topics from practice tests in PMBOK

    Does this mean we will be tested on content that is not in either handbook? How can we anticipate what that might be?
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    TIM: Unable to find topics from practice tests in PMBOK

    As I'm taking the practice tests, I'm making a list of each topic or multiple choice answer that I am not familiar with and studying them after I take the practice tests. Is there another source I am supposed to consult for some of these topics? A few examples are below: - Juran's Quality...
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    TIM: PMP Practice Test #3, Question 79

    Here's another one! Test #3, Question 200: You are managing a construction project. You have to decide between renting a digger or buying it for the project. You would require the digger for 7 days of work and the following are the costs involved. Cost of digger is $1,400, daily cost of...
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    TIM: PMP Practice Test #3, Question 79

    Thank you, Tim. That's super tricky! Here is another one also from Test #3, Question 131: Which activities deserve your immediate attention the most? A) AC=3000 EV=2900 B) PV=3000 EV=2900 C) AC=3000 EV=3200 D) EV=3000 AC=2400 The answer is D. Here is the explanation: Option a : AC=3000...
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    TIM: PMP Practice Test #3, Question 79

    The question asks: A project manager learned that a corrective action was taken by a team member and was not documented. What should the project manager do FIRST? A. Report the violation to the functional manager B. Clarify the reasoning behind the team member's action C. Assess if the action...
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    Passed PMP despite failing the 5 practice tests. There is still hope!

    Thank you for sharing your experience!
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    No Time Allowed For Writing During 15 minute Tutorial in Actual PMP Test

    Can anyone else verify that this is the case for all testing centers?
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    How to determine Future Value?

    I am working on Exercise #3 and solving for NPR. I understand the formula but I don't understand how to calculate Future Value and can't find it anywhere in the materials. Can someone please help? :)