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  1. K

    How I can do remarketing for particular website traffic?

    How can I do remarketing only for those people which are coming from the particular website? For example: In my analytics, I have seen that, from example.com site, I get good no. of traffic which is coming to my site. Then, how can I do remarketing particular those people who are coming from...
  2. K

    Query regarding OMCA test

    Hi Mir, There are lots of best websites available for DM articles and tools as well. for example, you can go through http://www.moz.com/ http://searchengineland.com/ https://www.searchenginejournal.com/ https://backlinko.com/ https://www.seroundtable.com/ And lot more sites also available...
  3. K

    Require help to complete projects for Specialist course

    Hello, I require help to complete specialist digital marketing course projects. DMCA certified already. Buy, Advance courses projects confusing me. And also don't know that, How to make it and fix all the things. Can you help me to clean all projects? Or provide me the sample for each project.