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    Data Science with Python | Ravi C | April 17th - May 22nd,2021

    Hi Rakesh, please note, you must first install the module 'pandas_profiling' in order to import it on your document. You can use "pip install pandas-profiling" and run it. When the installation is done, you can try importing it.
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    Data Science with R | Pulkit Taneja | Apr 5

    Hey Guys, Please use this community thread to post your queries and interact with each other. Regards, Simplilearn.
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    Data Science with Python | Feb 13 - Mar 20 | Srikanth

    @Chella Venkatesh and @Jack O 'Donnell . Please note, if .ipynb files are not supporting, kindly convert your file to either pdf or doc format and then submit. You can include the domain knowledge or synopsis for your project under 'Write-up' tab. (You can include the project as well). For...
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    AI Capstone | Deepak Behera | March 3rd 2021

    Hi Learners, This thread is for you to discuss related to AI Capstone course only. Kindly post your queries here! Happy Learning !!!