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  1. Carson

    Using PMP study material for CapM study

    During the early part of my career, just getting out of college, this is what I did. I studied PMBOK and took the CAPM and found that to be a good way to entrench myself into the job very fast. Later on, as experience was earned and I was able to qualify for PMP, it was so much easier to study...
  2. Carson

    Is this always true?

    As explained before, the project is constrained by these three factors. And, there is little way to prevent costs from ballooning if you increase time budget. Otherwise, you are sacrificing quality, which is less than ideal and even unacceptable.
  3. Carson

    Is there any salary advantage of obtaining the PMP?

    Even a ten percent raise for a project manager is significant when you are considering how a PM is easily paid $100,000 and up (depending on industry/employer and experience). That could easily be an additional $10,000 per year, which adds up over time.
  4. Carson

    Where can I get free PDU (continuing education)?

    I was reading about a site online that offers you 30 free PDU just for listening to their podcast. Of course, there is a proper way to claim the PDU, you can't just listen, it's about how you claim the PDU. Possibly worth checking out if you need it...
  5. Carson

    I failed my PMP exam today

    It can be a real blow to the ego to fail this exam, especially if you felt you were so well prepared or even if coworkers or friends passed the exam so easily. For that reason, you should devote your time leading up to the exam to nothing but study (in your available time) and constantly review...
  6. Carson

    Why can't I pass the practice exams?

    Just keep trying! That's all I can suggest, especially since you say that you have so thoroughly studied. Maybe it's not so much about your study preparation as nerves that are getting the best of you with these practice exams. And, unfortunately that will be even more true in the real PMP...
  7. Carson

    What If I don't pass my PMP Certification Exam on the first try?

    Also PMI members pay less for first and second exam attempt, which is a bonus for joining the PMI, in addition to all the other benefits they offer.
  8. Carson

    What is a process? Define process characteristics

    If you know the process (as described before), then you will know and can guarantee a measurable result.
  9. Carson

    Would the project manager be responsible for this task?

    Project manager is in charge (and ultimately responsible for proper planning and execution) of all the tasks you mentioned, though he will often be assisted in one way or another by another manager (perhaps at lesser level) who takes some of the burden during the project, if only for sake of...
  10. Carson

    What is the difference between PMP and CAPM certification?

    Even if you don't think you will pursue project management as a career, you are likely better off receiving the CAPM certification as it shows that you have essential knowledge of working on a team. And, since most jobs involve team work and projects, this will be an essential tool in getting...
  11. Carson

    Consequences Of Poor Planning

    Not being finished on time or overspending could be results of poor planning. No need to short-change the area of planning at the start of the project as this phase of project management is most essential for proper execution of the plan later on.
  12. Carson

    Useful Project management books

    PMI has a lot of really good pdf based ebooks that can give you a nice over view of what will be covered in the PMP exam. Obviously, this is only a supplement to PMBOK and your other study guides.
  13. Carson

    Can I postpone the PMP eligible?

    You can postpone for up to a year, if you really feel that's necessary, once you have been qualified by PMI to take the exam. But you might want to consider, should you wait? There is always a chance the exam will change or you will allow life distractions to get in the way of testing at all.
  14. Carson

    Any prerequites to get PMP Certified?

    As you might already know, the PMP exam changes this year in November 2015. So if you are already well versed in PMBOK and feel confident with your mock exam scores, you might want to go ahead and test before that time as new content will be added that might make the exam more challenging to pass.
  15. Carson

    What criteria do you use to determine if goals have been met?

    Is the stakeholder happy with the results? Just plain and simple! If no, then you have failed to meet your goal as stakeholder satisfaction is key.
  16. Carson

    How many questions are there in the exam? How much time do I get?

    Situational questions take up a bulk of the exam time, so you will want to allocate accordingly. And, remember not every question is scored the same in level of importance. Some will be more valuable to a passing score than others.
  17. Carson

    What about sites that guarantee you pass the PMP exam?

    Sounds scammy to me. And, I would really avoid sites that make any kind of offer. Maybe if they were saying, "Pass the PMP exam or your get a 100% refund", then that would be different. They can't guarantee you will pass, but they can forfeit their tuition fee if you don't pass. That is more...
  18. Carson

    What One Skill Does a Project Manager Need to Succeed?

    There is no ONE skill that is essential as there are many essential skills that you must have including leadership skills, listening and decision making skills and a good analytical mind. All essential for your success as a project manager.
  19. Carson

    How important are flashcards for learning PMBOK terminology?

    In addition to paper based flashcards, you have many online flash card options. Also, lots of great free and lowcost flash card app options, available from iTunes and Google Play for PMP review and study.
  20. Carson

    Paid mock tests (PMP)

    A passing rate of 65% seems very low to me and I would not risk it if my mock exam rate was so low, especially considering how the actual cost of the PMP exam is well over $500 (for non PMI members). You can easily add some more study time to bring your scores up. Try that out before you take...