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  1. Joan Nash

    OCR Need help to accurately extract text from Image

    Have you tried doing this in Photoshop?
  2. Joan Nash


    The most important thing is that you tried. Did you manage to get your money back in the end? It is a difficult test, and there is nothing wrong with failing it. Information security is an area that is growing day by day. If you compare the 1990s with today, almost everybody has access to the...
  3. Joan Nash

    Can anyone let me know how to increase the font wh...

    Yes, it does. Actually, it depends on which font you are using. My favourite font is the Times New Roman haha. It's the classic one, i like how it looks and i use it almost every time. Sometimes, I prefer to vary my projects and use unusual fonts for titles. They make the project more original...
  4. Joan Nash

    How to get that sketch-like effect which is there ...

    Well, there are many different ways you could turn an image to sketch and even choose between many different styles, colors, intensity, and so on. First of all, decide if you need an app for your phone to do it, or do you need a web page? There are plenty of solutions to your request, however...
  5. Joan Nash

    Project Guidance for Business Analytics with Excel

    Oh, thank you so much for the steps;I'll need them. Maybe you can try to make a video on this topic? It would be instrumental; I think all people first look for a solution to the problem on YouTube. For example, I had a problem; I could not transfer the table from one application to another; I...