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    PMP Preparation Aug 14 - Sep 11 (tim)

    Stakeholders are those who are affected or seems to be affected by the project. People who are not interested in the project should not be stakeholders.
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    PMP Preparation Aug 14 - Sep 11 (tim)

    The PM has provided the estimates. Customer wants him to pad his estimates. Customer wants to cater for unforeseen risks, since all the anticipated risks would already have been factored in the estimates provided by the PM. Hence, I would like to categories this as the 'Management Reserve' which...
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    PMP Preparation, Feb 1 - Feb 16 (Tim)

    Q1. A project manager joins a project as a replacement : Team goes back to forming stage Team members did not respect each other's ideas, and the environment was becoming counterproductive : Storming stage. However, now the team has begun to communicate more effectively and develop some...
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    3 PMP Question

    " team developed processes and procedures and is now working smoothly and productively on the project" this indicates productivity which is performing stage. The answer has to be for the last situation described, where the team is currently. in any case, team has to go through these stages to...
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    3 PMP Question

    initial situation is storming which seems to be passed and currently the team is in performing stage.
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    PMP Question

    "Stakeholders are worried" but there is no evidence in the ques which states that their worry is real. It could be a fact as well as a perception. The problem statement is "worry of the stakeholders". So In my opinion, we need to investigate and then if the problem exists, address it, else...
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    Give Some Tips for passing PMP Exam in 2021?

    All tests which are available will give you an indication what to expect. But since the pattern of exams have changed in Jan 21, so be sure you are following the right pattern. When I was preparing for the exam, I encountered certain ques which were from the 5th edition.
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    New edition of PMBOK

    In my view, even if the book is released in Aug, the exam based on the new book wont be in practice 3-6 months thereafter. Also, no matter you have cleared PMP with which edition, the PDUs keep you updated with the current knowledge.
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    who is the best instructor in PMP in simplilearn

    Tim Jarome beyond any doubt! With his instructions i was clear on concepts, what to read and how to read and was able to judge when i was ready for the exam. He wont give you any readymade answers but will get you thinking!
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    Payment-to facilitate activities in foreign countries

    Anything which is legal (in that country), you need to pay. Anything which is not legal you dont pay. If there is doubt, consult host or your legal department. These questions are mostly around the concept of whats legal and what is not, so while answering, we need to focus on that aspect. once...
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    EAC Calculation

    I always love the way you explain these complex concepts in such a easy way, with focus on exam as well as real life scenario. Thanks for enhancing our knowledge always
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    When should we submit PMP application?

    You get one year to schedule your after application submission. So that the bottom line. However, when you have completed the syllabus once and are confident about going to exam, means you are attempting ques and doing additional reading for the weak areas, I think its the ideal time to submit...
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    pmp exam

    With this ques many answers come to mind all of a sudden, but what I will suggest is that go through PMBOK and Rita atleast twice, solve as many questions as you can .. various sites offer for free and some for a nominal fee, see which areas needs improvement and read those portions again...
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    PMP Sample Question

    The right answer is B. Since the given situation presents a new risk, this needs to be added to the risk register. If another option was there to consult the risk register, that would have been the right choice since you needed to confirm if the risk has already been identified. Why not C...
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    Change Control process

    What I have learnt in classes by Tim, is that the most important part of the question is the context. So lets see the context in the first question that you posted. Q1. Here the change is already done and is an extra feature which will make customer happy and that's the context. Also...
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    Cost or Quality management plan?

    When in doubt, go back to basics. What makes you think its quality issue? Rules of performance measurement does not relate to quality. All the words are important. Level of precision is not a measurement of quality but a measurement of requirement yard stick either defined by the industry...
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    When ever there is something needs to be done, it needs to be planned including how are you going to close the project. No matter in which phase of the project you are, any change/ requirement etc is added you need to go back to planning and follow the entire process of project management. One...
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    Question on Change management plan

    For me the best approach that works here is the elimination technique A : When do we consider these options of business requirement, EEF etc? When i conceive a project and not when we are executing it, hence i can safely eliminate this option. B : Legal requirement implies it needs to be part...
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    PMP Question

    The answer lies in the line "The project team systematically gathers and analyzes information to measure and manage expectations during the project." when i talk about 'manage expectations' means who's expectations? The stakeholders, who ever they are including users. So you have gathered and...
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    Assessment Test 4 - Question 104

    I am not sure.... but here is my bit Every project is different and working conditions are different. If he has worked earlier, doesn't mean that he meets all the requirement for this project too.. so given both the options are correct, but since its a recommendation, my first concern will be...