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  1. K

    Cleared PMP exam

    Cleared PMP today with above target score on 20th.Module wise all above target except M&C (Below target). My experiences and learnings as below. 1. Simplilearn training helped me to understand concepts. The PPT is very good to remember the terminology. Before the exam one can go through for...
  2. K

    Difference between Weak Matrix and Functional Org

    Dear experts, Please help to understand the difference between Weak Matrix and Functional Org. Sometimes getting confused where it says resources are working in functional area, not doing much in projects etc etc. When the answer will be it is a Functional Org and when it is a weak matrix? What...
  3. K

    Stakeholders are not happy

    Dear Experts, Seen in different questions that though project is with good SPI and CPI, stakeholders are not happy. Seen multiple correct answers like, 1. Talk to the team member to know what went wrong 2. Talk to the stakeholder 3. Check communication plan etc Which are the situations or...
  4. K

    Getting confused in Perform integrated change control

    Dear Experts, Please help to clarify the concept on Change request raising. In different places seen questions like stakeholder has asked a change, a change has been requested and effort estimation is done etc etc. The correct answer varies as below. 1. Raise a change and document it 2. Perform...
  5. K value Management-Earned Value (page218)

    Dear Experts, in value Management-Earned Value (page218) the line says "The Ev being measured needs to be related to PMB, and the EV measured can not be greater that the authorized PV budget of a component". This means EV can not be greater than PV? In that case Schedule...
  6. K

    How long it takes to evaluate a Submitted Project

    Hi, Have Submitted the project three days back. How long it takes to evaluate? Thanks. Krishnendu.
  7. K

    Why Work Performance Report is an input in Manage Project Team Process

    Dear Experts, In a lot of cases have noticed that Work Performance Data is an input in different processes. The output become Work Performance Information. But in Proj Human Resource Knowledge area in Manage Project Team process, Work Performance Report in an input. Why not Information is an...