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    Tableau Help

    Hello All I am hoping somone can help me..I need to know how to blend in tableau and I cant seem to find it in my recordings with Rishit Instructor.. Please help if anyone can get this. Thanks
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    ASM for PG BA 1st May 2021 Sandeep

    Hello Team, So I Asked in our May 15th class: 1. About the Due Date: Professor Confirmed in chat: try today but latest Saturday Midnight IST ( the midnight IST I asked in audio chat and got confirmation) 2. I asked: For the Burndown Chart as the time required in the project instructions and...
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    ASM for PG BA 1st May 2021 Sandeep

    Hi Sandeep I have been trying out JIRA trying to figure out on my own my burndown charts are always flat line on the horizonal axis. On the interface I figured out the sprint creation but do we also use the epic tab to link and is that what gives a sloped line? Thanks
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    ASM for PG BA 1st May 2021 Sandeep

    Thank You Sandeep!... I feel that your style of mentorship is what my classmates were lacking in CBAP. With all respect to all staff, I would respectfully and constructively say that sessions should be organized and mentored like this for your future classes. I have seen a lot of good comments...