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    Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developers | 25th sept - 13th Nov | Ramineni Ravi Teja

    Hi Ravi I have few doubts related to App Master 1) App Master for one app will be created only in one node? 2) So app master for each app is created in one node and in future whenever a job for that app is created it will be redirected to that node alone? 3) what happens if that node is down...
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    Tableau Certification Training | Rajesh Tukdeo | Aug 23 - Sep 06

    Hi Rajesh, I have some technical difficulty due to which I am unable to run the Tableau app on my system. Hence, I am using the online version. But, there are few limitations in the online version. I hope that would not affect my project work.
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    Data Science with Python | Pulkit Aneja | June 21

    Hi Pulkit, My query what I tried asking was as below while importing pyplot we can do it like "import matplotlib.pyplot" but when I try to import style in similar way "import matplotlib.style" It does not work but "from matplotlib import style" works So why can't we import style using the dot...
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    Data Science Certification Training - R Programming Jan 30,31 Feb 6,7,13,14,20,21,27,28 Pratul Goyal

    For Proj 7 problem statement 3 we can use chisquare test right?