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    Machine Learning Advanced Certification | Rajesh Prabhakar Kaila | April 10 - May 15

    I am not able to enter the class, it says class is over. Can anyone please help me.
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    Is it a must to follow the order of the courses within the Masters in Data Science Course ?

    Hi, I am currently doing Masters in Data Science course. I would like to know if it will be fine to skip the 2nd course (Data Science with Python) and take the 3rd course (Machine Learning) first ? Will I be able to follow the 3rd course without the knowledge of the 2nd course ? This is...
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    Data Science with R | Oct 17 - Nov 22 | Priyanka D

    Assignment 1 1) %in% Operator This operator is used to check if a particular value or element is within a group of elements such as a list or data frame. Ex : 2) : Operator This operator is used to generate a sequence of numbers from a to b (a : b). Ex :