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    Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate | Pooja Gupta & Vaibhav | 21 Aug- 12 Sep (2021)

    Hi guys. Can anyone help me out on how to submit the project? I mean which files or documents need to be submitted? I have made the dashboard for project 1. I just want to know how to submit it
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    Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developers | Srini | 05 Jun - 17 Jul 21

    Hi has anyone tried to attempt the self learning practice project in mapreduce?The US airlines one
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    Nirendu Konar Feb 20,21,27,28 Mar 6,7,13,14,20,21,27 Data Science with Python

    Hi Nirendu sir, I have been trying to convert my ipynb file to pdf but not luck. Could you please explaint the steps to convert the file?