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    project documentation sample

    hi this is meghashri .can anybody help me sending sample ocumentation project for web related
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    project submission

    where should i submit my project. i have enrolled for data science with AI my complete complete course is for 6months.then why i should submit course next month.
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    certificate unlocking

    is it compulsory to complete all the electives to unloc the certificate
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    hospital project

    hello. i want to do project in hospitalisation but unable to maximum expenditure...plz anybody help
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    needs for support for project

    HI This is Meghashri i want some one who can guide me in completion of project.
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    about assignment submission

    hii, this is meghashri. i have joined the session june 26 in the datascience through R.i want to know how and when i have to submit the project. where can i get the assignments.how to whom i have to submit the assignment.my trainee is mr.sourab