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    Share Your PMP Success Story!

    Hi Everyone, I have cleared my PMP Exam on 11th November 2021 on my 1st attempt with above Target in all 3 domains. I would like to thank Tim @tim jerome for his excellent coaching and notes. I have attended his live boot camp on 10th July - 07th Aug batch. Studied PMBOK 6th edition cover to...
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    Share Your PMP Success Story!

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    Passed PMP (14.09.21)

    Congratulations Vishal. By the way, how long it took for you to prepare for exam and how many mock tests did you take other than the ones available in Simplilearn. Also can you throw some light on the % of difficult questions in the exam?
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    Three steps to fill your PMP application

    In the application, you will have an option to choose start & end dates of each project. If you are still working on closing phase of a project, which means project is not yet completed and in end date you need to choose as ongoing from drop down. Hope that answers your query
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    PMP Sample Application!

    Please check out a video by PMPwith Ray in youtube for a detailed step by step process of submitting application (including how the project work is to be naratted). I found that very useful
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    PMP Preparation July 10 - August 7 (Tim)

    I have just purchased 10th edition and its the latest edition
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    Share Your PMP Success Story!

    Congratulations for your achievement. Was the questions more on Agile / Hybrid or was distributed equally between Agile & Predictive approaches?
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    PMP Application Process

    Thanks to Simplilearn team as I got the feedback now
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    PMP Application Process

    Hi, Is there any timeline within which we can expect response on the draft application? I have submitted a draft PMP Application through ticket #00998933 on 18th Aug-21 and expecting a response if it is good to go
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    PMP Application Process

    Hello Team, I am in the process of preparing application for PMP Exam. I am working in Manufacturing Industry and have below questions needing clarification. 1. Is it ok to mention client name while mentioning the project details in application or is it not right? 2. Also if worked on few...