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  1. J

    Data Analayst capstone certification

    I have enrolled for live classes for Python in April. However, this is colliding with my live classes for data analyst capstone project. Can I complete the data analyst capstone project live classes and submit project even though I have not completed the python live classes?
  2. J

    Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate|Jan 30-Feb 21|Nagraj

    There is an if formula for true or false. Can we use the IF to change colours as well. for example IF SALES > sales target, then BLUE
  3. J

    capstone project: data analyst

    The recordings are available only in July. How is this possible, Do we have to wait so long for the certification?
  4. J

    Tableau Project 2 - project assistance

    I need assistance to colour code based on - above sales target and below sales target. I have already created a bullet chart with sales and sales measures