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    Data Science Capstone | Rohit | May 07 - May 28 | 2021

    Hello Everyone, I have a general query, how can I see the complete output in python without it getting truncated?
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    Python Data Science | Jan 18 |Nimisha

    HI Mam I tried to convert .ipynb into .py to use it as module. I followed the same step to do that like !jupyter nbconvert --to script 'PRIME.ipynb' # created same PRIME.ipynb same name no mistake here I am getting a warning at the end of which this is written: [NbConvertApp] WARNING |...
  3. K

    Python Data Science | Jan 18 |Nimisha

    Hi Nimisha Mam please find below the code for rock scissors and paper game given by you. tried to upload .ipnyb but unable to upload it so finally pasting my code here. This game is for 2 players, one of them would be computer for which I have imported random. # Rock Paper Scissors game for 2...