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    Locked my Cerfiticate

    Dear Madam I have completed my course for the Post Graduate Diploma in Data Analytics and still unable to get my certificate as it states I have complete all my the requirements. and my simulation exam for R, Python, and Tableau, and Plz Rase my ticket for the PG Program Certificate, and Plz...
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    Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics

    Dear Madam When I am receiving my Certificate of PGP in DA from You. Because of No response from you. and Plz Try to resolve my issue. Plz tell me Regards Saudamini Muley
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    isssue on Live Class of PG DA - Tableau Training

    Dear Support Team I would like to ask a favour that i am little bit confused in tableau live class registration there is no option for 14 nov. it is for 21 nov. is it so for everyone. please reply,which class to register. Plz Help Me from this . Regards Saudamini Muley
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    issue on LMS Lab unable to connect

    Dear Support Team I have a problem with my LMS Lab to unable connect , also its asking the password but simpllearn do not response on it nor receive any calls from them . If you have a any number of them , plz tell me write now. Regards Saudamini Muley