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16th March Batch ADM 201

Hello Nishant - Can you check and see if I did this right?
I created Human Resource app and Candidate custom object for them?



  • case study 2.PNG
    case study 2.PNG
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Hi Nishant, thanks for the training. Attached case study assignment you gave us on Sunday 3/17/2019. Feel free to let me know if i am missing anything.

Because of the file size restrictions on upload (which is max to 1MB, i would recommend to increase). I have uploaded 2 pdfs.

1. Case Study I - pdf 1 of 2.pdf
2. Case Study I - pdf 2 of 2.pdf



  • Case Study –I - PDF 1 of 2.pdf
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  • Case Study –I - PDF 2 of 2.pdf
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Not sure why I'm not able to create the custom object Candidate for my Human Resources App.

See error code in SF. Below I posted by screen shot of the HR App i created. Not able to add the custom object - Candidate though.




Hi Nishant, I am Rushi Patel. Actually I'm new to this course and this course is also completely new to me so if I have missed something than please guide me towards the correct path.
Hi Nishant, attached is the doc. please check. First 2 screen shots shows that Object Creation Option Does NOT appear for me while creating the Patient Object. 2nd one shows Error for External Object Creations. ( External Data Source Look up shows nothing). 3rd Screen shot shows the App created Human Resource and Candidates created.


  • Chapter 1 and 2.pdf
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Nibedita Patra

New Member
Hi Sir,

Please review Case Study 2 (Human Resource App) As attachment.

Thanks & Regards,


  • Human Resource App.PNG
    Human Resource App.PNG
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  • Candidates Object.PNG
    Candidates Object.PNG
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I'm not able to replicate what was discussed in the last class as my setup seems to be different for Profiles, can someone reach out to me if they're able to help. My cell 773-704-6976 cell


Hi Nishant,
Rushi here. Was having some trouble with the type field in "Opportunity". So please help me to understand that what I have to do with type field. But have done the Amount field in "Opportunity". If anything is missing than guide me.

Hi Manoj here. Screenshots of case study from Lesson 4.

The Amount and Type fields can be made required when an Opportunity is Closed Won

When Stage field is selected as "Closed Won" below validation rule checks if Amount or Type field has value, if not, it will display error message in Stage field-


When Amount field is blank-

When Type field is blank but Amount is filled in-


When both fields are blank-


Nishant-Please correct me if this isn't right.