Acceptance criteria changed in between sprint

Discussion in 'Agile and Scrum' started by Ritesh_48, Jun 22, 2016.

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    Acceptance criteria changed in between sprint :
    Just to summarize we have sprint of 3 week, 1 week has already passed and in start of 2nd week acceptance criteria has changed. I have been asked what should be done in such case, to the 'what' I mean is description on acceptance criteria which was updated is added in comment, but i believe to avoid any further confusion with new user (or any other user) we should keep updated "Acceptance Criteria" in front instead of adding the changes in comments.
    Any advise is appreciated ..Thanks
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    Hi Ritesh,

    We will have our trainer respond to your query here. Please provide us sometime to help this answered for you.
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    @Ritesh_48, your question is not clear. I assume two things and provide answers for both here.
    1. What should we do if acceptance criteria changes during the sprint:
    During Sprint Planning, the User Stories selected for the sprint must be Complete that is with acceptance criteria. In case of change in acceptance criteria during sprint, As per Scrum Guidelines, during the sprint, only the development team can change the user story. The development team can decide if the User story must be updated with the revised acceptance criteria. The team must check with Product Owner if the previous acceptance criteria needs to be replaced with new one or if these are additional ones. Accordingly the User Story should be updated, re-estimated.
    Another approach would be to create a new user story with revised acceptance criteria, estimate it and see if it can be delivered in current sprint. If not, story can be split as well. The Older user story can be now blocked for Iteration.
    2. If you are using a tool (From your words, it looks like), update the user story directly - which you are thinking - that is correct. The tool should capture version history anyway. Check with Product owner before updating the user story.

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