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ACP exam feedback

Just want to provide a few quick feedback pointers based on my exam experience last week

1. Doesn't want to generalize but appears most of the topics are covered in Simplilearn course material/classes
2. You might not want to underestimate the exam by taking the practice exams at the end of ACP course on Simplilearn. One major difference I noticed is, questions on the real exam are very lengthy as most of the questions are situational which takes a few lines/sentences to describe before posing the question. However, the practice exams towards the end of the course are really confidence boosters and you should try them out.
3. Bryan Campbell was the coach for my batch and I thoroughly enjoyed the interactive sessions in the company of bright batchmates like Manikandan, Fernando, etc.
4. The sooner you take the exam after the training and self preparation, the better so that you can avoid 'knowledge leakage'

Good luck to those who are getting ready to take the exam soon

Bryan (1147)

Active Member
Thanks for sharing your experiences Ravi and congratulations on your achievement! That's good feedback on the practice exam questions and I'll share that with the Simplilearn content development team.


New Member
Thank you for sharing your experiences. Would like to know, what other material or mock tests you've referred for clearing the exam? Thanks a ton.