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    This course has been streamlined with the help of the following components:

    ·Updated and New Mobile Marketing Concepts

    This course is a complete revamp (100%) from the old mobile marketing course with new and more recent concepts on Advanced Mobile Marketing.

    ·What’s In It For Me

    This section is used to set the context for the lesson, establish the relevance and impact of the topics discussed, provide a glimpse of what will be covered, and how it fits into the big picture.

    ·B2B and B2C Examples and Case Studies

    ·The entire course is more streamlined with the industry specific B2B and B2C examples where the learners can relate to the content marketing principles with the taught.

    ·5 Projects as Knowledge Checks

    There are a total of 5 projects that are integrated with the entire 8-hour course. These projects are very closely tied to the theory and serve as knowledge checks appearing after an interval of 3-4 lessons.

    ·Key Takeaways

    This section is a consolidated snapshot of the entire lesson, and it prepares the learner for upcoming concepts.

    ·End of Course Assessment Questions with Descriptive Feedback

    This section presents “Apply” level questions that will help evaluate whether the learner has internalized the concepts.
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    I agree, 24 hour notice would be the best, so players of that server can choose the best time to do their quests.

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