Advanced SEO mixed up projects. Are you aware?

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by _67935, Nov 24, 2019.

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    Hi Simplilearn team,

    3 questions.

    1 I am about to do Advanced SEO course project 2 and 3 but they are mixed up. Titles say one, written summaries of the projects (both downloaded and online) tell something different. So what content is for project 2 and what content is for project 3? Thanks for correcting this.

    2 I am missing "Simple Audit Template PDF" which should be attached to Project 2. Part of the project is to use that template but it's not provided. Can you fix it in the system? Or send it to my email asap? Because I spent already a lot of time searching for it. No hope.

    3 I submitted 2 projects for my DMCA course and got automatic feedback thanks, passed and fill the survey in. NO ACTUAL FEEDBACK. Is it what money are paid for? Really disappointing. I am here to learn something, not to waste my time. Can I get an actual feedback for my projects from a human being who is checking them? Please put me in contact with responsible person, thank you.
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    Sorry for the inconvenience happened to you here.
    I will go ahead and answer them all.
    1) Please go ahead with the written summaries about the project and follow the mentioned steps to complete the project.
    2) You will Simple Audit Template in the course resource section under the self-learning tab and still if you face issue then please go ahead and raise a ticket and I will surely help you with that.
    3) We have criteria set for the project evaluation and if your project meets that then yu receive the update that you have passed the project and we will make sure you get better feedback going forward.
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    I am not aware of it , I think that I am on opposite site of it.
  4. Vijay kumar pathak

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    can somebody help me to get seo parameters checklist
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    Hi Vijay,

    Seo is divided into two modules
    1) On-page Optimization
    2) Off-page Optimization

    Together there are many parameters in SEO but there are few important Attributes that we consider understanding our website performance.
    On-page SEO parameters:

    1) Meta Title:
    * Title should be between 60-80 characters
    * Avoid Stop words (is or and) as your allocating some space to these words and title should be within the 60-80 characters
    * Keyword format: Primary keyword |Secodary Keywords|Brand name
    * Use Pipelining(|)
    * Do not duplicate the same title on different landing pages.
    2) Meta Description:
    * should be between 156-170 characters
    * The description attribute should provide a concise explanation of a Web page's content. Also, the description is often displayed on search engine results and can indirectly affect page ranking.
    3) Meta URL: We can integrate the keywords in URLʻs
    4) Headers(H1-H6): H1, H2 are the primary headers which are majorly considered by search engines
    5) Image Alternative Tag: Rename your Images with your relevant targeted keywords as search engines cannot understand the pictures
    6) Keywords: keywords will be chosen based on 1) Brand 2) Products/ Services and try to integrate the keywords in meta title, description, URL, Image alternative tags, Anchor text, Headers.
    7) XML Site Maps: To index or get visibility or Prioritize your website in search engines, integrate XML maps to your website.
    8) Robots.txt: To Prevent the robots/spiders/crawlers to the pages which you don't want show/rank integrate Robots.txt to your website.
    9) Keyword density and consistency: maintain Keyword density and consistency in meta title, description, URL, Image alternative tags, Anchor text, Headers.
    10) Mobile optimization: Try to optimize your website as mobile-friendly as mobile usage is more compare to desktops/laptops.
    11) Errors(404,301,302):Temporary and permanent redirects.
    12) Anchor text: it is the clickable text in a hyperlink. SEO best practices dictate that anchor text is relevant to the page you're linking to, rather than generic text.
    * Links without anchor text commonly happen on the web and are called naked URLs, or URL anchor texts.
    13) Bread crumbs: Create easier navigation for the customer to reach their product/service on the website.
    14) Favicon: Favicon is a small icon associated with a website. The Favicon is important because it is displayed next to the website's URL in the address bar of the browser as well as in bookmarks and shortcuts.
    15) Internal and a) Relative b) Absolute
    External links a) No-follow b) Do-follow
    16) URL Canonicalization
    17) IP Canonicalization
    18) Page speed
    19) Text to HTML ratio

    Nagma Moghul.

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