Agile and Waterfall comparison

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    This is regarding one of the discussion on Waterfall Vs Agile which happened with myself and my client.
    He was asking why are we going for Agile as it will introduce the defects quickly into Production leading to P1 or P2 rather than in waterfall we have extensive testing done before getting into live.

    I told him that extensive testing will also be done in Agile as well and this methodology is better for frequent changing in the requirement and highly complex. He is quite defending himself saying that CR can be introduced in waterfall as well to introduce any change. I told him the cost of implementing the change in waterfall would be more than in Agile. He was not accepting it.

    He rather asked me the following question.

    What if there is a change in the User story 1 which got implemented in Sprint 1 in Sprint 11 or 12 etc.. In this case as well the change involved in getting this requirement into production in Agile would be same as waterfall ?

    I told him time factor is the main thing which differentiates Waterfall & Agile. But he really wanted solid defending reason for which i need your help. Please can you help me with that so that i can discuss the same with my client
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    Basically user will never request anything without having a Vision. For question the simplest answer is that he should send request and PO will prioritize based on discussion and PO may say to include in upcoming sprint for removal. This solution will be prompt. However, in Waterfall, if suppose he got an idea to remove the existing requirement then he need to go will all Change Management approval and then it will be prioritized lets say next year due to some critical deliverable's for this year. He need to wait and should be patience.
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