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    Hi All,
    Please advise about this project

    Project 2 - LeViva Life Insurance

    LeViva life insurance is one of the world’s biggest insurers. The company would like to use the weather data to serve its customers through an app. The backlog looks like this:

    Work Items
    Integrate with the Smart Weather services to get location-specific weather data
    Map health tips with weather
    Provide health tips based on the weather
    Allow users to report symptoms and ask for remedies
    Allow one-click calling to a nurse or a nearby dispensary
    Show the nearest pharmacy and dispensary on a map
    Allow sponsored links – e.g. winter jackets during cold weather, flu medicines when pollen is high
    Take the following steps to complete the project

    Step 1 - Conceptualize a software project, which can be delivered by a team over a few sprints.

    • A sprint cycle of minimum 5 days should be selected.
    • Plan the project so that a minimum viable product can be released every sprint.
    Step 2 – Refine the backlog (work items) for the software product.

    • Consider which of the work items are epics (need to be broken down into stories) and which are stories.
    • Rewrite stories for better clarity.
    Step 3 - Prepare stories for at least three sprints.

    • Enter the backlog in JIRA and create 3 sprints. Assign stories to different sprints.
    Step 4 - Start sprint one.

    • Assign a duration and sprint goal. Move stories along the sprint board to indicate the work that is started and completed during the sprint.
    • Take a few screenshots of the sprint board with stories in different states
    Step 5 – Complete the sprint. Enable reports and take one or two reports of the sprint.

    Step 6 – Submit a word document containing basic information about the project and a few screenshots and reports. For example:

    • Screenshot of the initial scoreboard of the project (which consists of the to-do list, work-in-progress, and done).
    • Screenshot of the final scoreboard of the project (which has all the issues mentioned under done).

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