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Discussion in 'Agile and Scrum' started by Rakesh Deshpande, May 2, 2018.

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    Hi Karthik,
    One of the questions I asked in class the last time was: What modifications are required for implementing COTS software in enterprises? We could not discuss this in class, you may recall, because it would have taken the discussion away from the planned path.
    So what tailoring will be required to agile approach in using agile approach to implement COTS system? In my last project, the legacy system provided the business a given set of functions that were regarded as minimum for the business to work at all. Thus, the incoming system has to deliver this whole set for the business to work. But this minimum was still too much to be delivered once. What is the best way to address such issues in future? Thanks
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    Hi Rakesh,
    Please, I sent you the above question a few weeks ago but it does not look like Karthik is aware of it. Could you help me pass it on to him? Thanks

    Best regards,
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    Fot COTs application, adopting agile is challenging. While some of the changes can be done inhouse by config changes, most of the tailoring needs changes to the source code which the Vendor of the COTS application can only do. In such case, try using KANBAN instead of Scrum, because of the dependency you will have on the Vendor. So instead of constraining youself with the timebox concept, focus on flow....see how the changes proposed are moving from left to right and action accordinglly.

    Hope this helps !!!

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