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All you need to know about the latest PMP® Exam Update


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Simplilearn Support
Hi All,

The PMP exam is changing in the first quarter of 2018. The exact date of the examination change will be announced soon. Anyone taking the exam prior to Q1 2018 will receive the current version of the exam that references the PMBOK Guide®– Fifth Edition.

For Practitioners, By Practitioners
The Project Management Professional (PMP)®, along with all PMI certifications, is driven by current practices in the profession. Because project management is evolving, so is the PMP exam.

Did You Know?
  • As a result of the release of the PMBOK®Guide– Sixth Edition in September 2017, the PMP exam will change soon. These updates will ensure the exam content is consistent with the PMBOK®Guide.
  • Active practitioners from around the world author our exam questions as well as the PMBOK®Guide to ensure the PMP remains relevant and reflects current practice.
What to Expect on the Updated Exam
Although the PMP is not a test of the PMBOK Guide®, it is one of the primary references for the exam. Some of the updates you can expect to see surround lexicon changes and terminology used within the exam as well as harmonization of process groups, tools, and techniques.

If you’re utilizing the PMBOK Guide®as a study tool for the PMP, you can expect to find the following updates in the PMBOK Guide®– Sixth Edition:

  • A new chapter on the role of the project manager has been added to focus on leading projects effectively – competencies, experience and skills that are all necessary.
  • Two Knowledge Areas have been re-named to more accurately reflect which elements can be managed… and which can not:
    • Time Management is now Schedule Management
    • Human Resource Management is now Resource Management
Every Knowledge Area features four new sections:
  1. Key Concepts
  2. Trends and Emerging Practices
  3. Tailoring Considerations
  4. Considerations for Agile/Adaptive Environments
For more information visit : https://www.pmi.org/certifications/types/project-management-pmp/update

Happy Learning!!
Priyamwada Singh - Global Teaching Assistant


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Hi Priyamwada,

Last saturday I became PMI member and download 5th edition so after sept'17 shall I can able to download latest 6th edition from my PMI account ,which is valid for 1 year?

second, Q1 means up to march'18,exam will be based on 5th edition book correct?


Mukesh Sahu

Simplilearn Support
Hi Priyamwada,

Last saturday I became PMI member and download 5th edition so after sept'17 shall I can able to download latest 6th edition from my PMI account ,which is valid for 1 year?

second, Q1 means up to march'18,exam will be based on 5th edition book correct?


Hi Parshav,

Whenever PMBOK 6th edition is released you can download it from your PMI Login.

Yes, The PMP exam will be based on PMBOK 5th edition till Mar'18.



Hi Pritamvada,

I was about to take PMI membership which would give me complimentary PMBOK 5th edition for me to prepare for the exam.

But then I come across PMBOK sixth edition is expected to out on Sep 06 2017, please check the below link for more information.


My concern would be, as I have taken training based on 5th edition, shall I wait till 06-Sep to enroll for PMI membership which would give me PMBOK 6th edition or even if I register now, will I get 5th edition now and 6th edition in the second week of September?

As highlighted in the previous thread, the PMP exam till Mar 2018 will be based on fifth edition, can you confirm the same?


tim jerome

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Here's the link with information.

Data supports ability to pass the exam (if you're motivated) within 2 months generally. I'd recommend if you wait until about November (given for deviation from norm), you study from the 6th Edition. For now, the 5th Edition will suffice. The exam won't change until somewhere within March. The 6th Edition was due to be released in August, and is now to be released in September (early), so you can use that to modify your expectation or not.

Shobith Muraleedharan

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i have given my first attempt for PMP after the simplilearn classes and simulation tests and i was not able to crack it. I have given myself into it while preparing and so many sleepless nights. There is some issue in my way of preparation. Can you please help me out to know how i can prepare more effectively for next attempt and which material i have to use. Head first PMP has lot of flaws in it and for some of process the output is not mentioned. IN the tips and tricks provided by simplilearn the tutor is asking to write down the memory tips in the paper provided by exam center and this is prohibited in the exam center and i have faced the same. Please alter your content. Please help me out.


tim jerome

Well-Known Member
Preparation comes in multiple phases, across 3 areas.

In each phase, you must attend to:
  • Knowledge - you must have the ability to retain and use this to solve complex, often ambiguous questions.
  • Confidence - having enough (and the right) experience to walk in and feel comfortable with your expected performance.
  • Focus - ability to stay on task.
The first phase is gaining the knowledge and practicing sitting through the exam. This can be generally attained through 1 hour a day, 6-8 weeks.

The second phase occurs after you've attained a high enough score on practice questions. You should schedule 2-3 weeks out, and continue to prepare. This preparation is to retain your knowledge and continue to work on confidence.

The third phase is within the exam itself.

From your description I can't tell what your issue was, but generally, people who miss the exam the first time either mis-estimate their knowledge, their confidence, or both.

I appreciate your input on Headfirst information; we have no control of that. The Simplilearn content and presentation are continually refined. After we heard of the 'brain dump' change with Prometric and PMI, we trainers started communicating in session. There are many other strategies, writing down notes before the exam is not the best by far.

I would suggest you take a few days, grab a breath, and start your preparation again. Go through about 75-100 practice exam questions and determine your score. That will be your benchmark. Use the questions you get wrong to focus your continue preparation. When you find a question that seems ridiculous, impossible, or just wrong, bring it to the forum, and we'll sort it out. It'll take time, but we'll get you there. You've made it this far, you'll get the next step easily - with a little time and discipline.


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I cannot find the link to download 6th edition PMBOK on PMI website. Can you direct me to the link where i can download the same. If i go to schedule the exam today, can you please estimate how soon or late is the nearest date which i can schedule me exam? I need to know this help me create a study plan accordingly.
Hey, I am looking for a dedicated study partner for PMP. I have put my profile and study schedule on StudyPal. All my friends in New York use it to find study buddies and groups for PMP test