Answer to Quiz of Chapter "L1 TOGAF V92 M13 Building Blocks"

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    As per me, the correct answers to Quiz of Chapter "L1 TOGAF V92 M13 Building Blocks" should be E. All of these. However, the course module defines the correct answer as B. Can anyone explain what should be the correct answer?

    According to the Open group website[ ], the building blocks should have following characteristics -
    Building blocks have generic characteristics as follows:

      • A building block is a package of functionality defined to meet the business needs across an organization
      • A building block has a type that corresponds to the enterprise's content metamodel (such as actor, business service, application, or data entity)
      • A building block has a defined boundary and is generally recognizable as "a thing" by domain experts
      • A building block may interoperate with other, inter-dependent building locks.
      • A good building block has the following characteristics:
        • It considers implementation and usage, and evolves to exploit technology and standards
        • It may be assembled from other building blocks
        • It may be a subassembly of other building blocks
        • Ideally a building block is re-usable and replaceable, and well specified

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