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Assistance in filling PMP Application form


What does the 'Project Title' in the PMP application form mean? Is the actual name of the Project or the type of the project?

I am a Project Manager in the Client Services department of my organization. I've handled multiple customer accounts.
I'm also involved in a Product Development project.

What should be the Project Title in both the above cases?

Keerthan Rai

tim jerome

Well-Known Member
What was the internal name of the project? What was the work (unique and time-bound) named; how was it described? How did you differentiate the project? What was that project's unique designation?

For instance, when I led the upgrade of cell towers, those projects would be:
  • Upgrade Georgia UW24L40,
  • Upgrade Tennessee UVLL12025

And so forth.

My application has been accepted and I've been asked to make the payment.

Do I've to schedule the exam while making the payment? Or, I can make the payment now and schedule the exam later whenever I'm ready?

tim jerome

Well-Known Member
Best practice (from the students I've contacted) teaches it's better to schedule when you're ready, and then schedule about 2-3 weeks out, and continue your preparation.