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    1. I have a product which will be used as Platform as a Service by multiple clients. This uses S3, EC2, Elastic Transcoding.
    If I create a VPC for the above architecture, Can I easily recreate the infra for the next customer by copying the VPC ?

    2. In the above scenario, How Can I get seperate billing. Should I be creating a Parent account and multiple sub accounts each PaaS client ?
    How the support charges will be in this case.
    For the webservers What type of instance to be used ? Shouldn't be Compute Optimized
    What kind of automations are practically used using AWS CLI ?
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    - CloudFormation would be a very useful tool. If you define your infra and make it region-agnostic, then you can deploy as many VPC's as needed. Tie that in with whatever config mgmt tool you use to configure Windows, then it'll be good to go.
    - If the instances reside in subnets in different Availability Zones, you will be charged $0.01 per GB for data transfer.
    - Yes,compute-optimized instances. They are available in smaller sizes and are ideal for massively scaled-out applications at massive scale.
    - Please refer:

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