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AWS Solution Architect Associate | Nitin | 05/06/2021

Hi All,
Myself Vikram. I joined AWS Solutions Architect batch which was started on May 15.
While I am registering, already 3 sessions were completed. Now I am at 50% completion.
To unlock the certificate it must be minimum 80%. Also I have completed self learning videos to 60%.
In Self Learning - Remaining lessons are to be covered from LIve classes only.
Could anyone please help me with solution to unlock my Certificate.


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AWS Solution Architect Associate | Nitin​

HI Team,

Live classes are not completed, as per last session, Nitin will take few more classes to complete the course, but i don't see any link in online.
Team can you please share more details how you are going to conduct next live sessions


HI friends,

Practicing AWS and need some help.
Can someone share the automated script which can be used while creating Ec2 instance please.
Trying to complete few lab practice, please help.

Vinu Venkit. K

New Member
Hi Nitin,

How AWS scans the Code for any Vulnerabilities while uploading to the Application Servers.?? Can you please help us to clarify this.!!