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Best Software applications to know to increase you job Market Value

Steve Lunn

New Member

I am a (PMP) certified Project Manager, however, for personal family-related issues, I had to take 2 years off. Although, I have kept up with my education, I am having a tough time getting back in the profession.

I am in the process of reassessing my résumé and reviewing my skills. I was wondering, in regards to technical skills, which software applications are the most beneficial for a Project Manager to have a competency in? I am not just talking about Project Management software like (Microsoft Project or Primavera). I want to know all the applications that would be helpful for a Project Manager to be familiar with. For example, (Sharepoint, MS Visual Web Developer, SAS, Peoplesoft, SQL Server Integration Service, etc.)

I know that I need to customize my résumé depending on the job that I am applying for. However, I would just like to have a general idea of the applications in demand.

Thank you for your time,

Steve Lunn, PMP


Well-Known Member
Simplilearn Support
Hi Steve,

Hope you are doing well!

We would like to inform you that we do not assist in the resume writing, however, there are lot of websites on internet which specifically caters to the needs of the Project Manager and help in the resume writing.

Priyamwada Singh