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    Hi Rahul,

    This is regarding the Project 1 for Big Data hadoop Administrator, I exactly didn't understand the statement posted in the simplilearn:

    Scalability: Deploying Multiple Clusters
    Project 2

    Your company wants to set up a new cluster and has procured new machines; however, setting up clusters on new machines will take time. Meanwhile, your company wants you to set up a new cluster on the same set of machines and start testing the new cluster’s working and applications

    Sorry I couldn't last weeks live session and hence couldn't ask the question there and hence posting the same.
    Could you kindly elaborate the question.

    Let me explain what I understood and please do correct me, if my understanding is correct.

    So basically, XYZ company has procured HP G10 servers but as it will take time in setting up this cluster, hence they want to test the same in HP G9 servers which is already available.

    So we need to bring up HP G9 servers and install the product on it..
    It shall be 7 node cluster, with 3 Data Nodes, 1 NameNode, 1 SNN and 1 Application Node + 1 Resource Manager Node.
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    Hi Learner,

    You just need to create clusters and then deploy them.

    Neha Pandey

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