Big Data v/s Data Science

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    Hi All

    Want to elicit your views regarding which one is more suitable for IT Manager folks looking to transition into the ocean of data related roles .. is it Big Data or Data Science ?
    As far as I understand, Big data entails more of the technology aspects such as Hadoop, Spark etc whereas data science involves very heavy statistics knowledge and creation of models etc through R, Python, SAS.

    Any thoughts regarding this topic are most welcome.
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    Data Science- Data science deals with slicing and dicing of the big chunks of data as well as finding insightful patterns and trends using technology, mathematics, and statistical techniques. The data scientists are responsible for uncovering the facts hidden in the complex web of unstructured data so as to be used in making business decisions.

    Data scientists perform the aforementioned job by developing heuristics algorithms and models that can be used in future for significant purposes. This amalgamation of technology and concepts make data science a potential field for lucrative career opportunities.

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