Blocking my IP address

Discussion in 'Simplilearn Support' started by Billyc, Jul 7, 2015.


Blocking my IP address

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  1. Billyc

    Billyc Guest

    It's seem that my public IP address was blocked by

    I check with my ISP internet provider that they do not block any web sites address.
    So I was not able to access the from network.

    Whenever I access the link, the page was not found.
    I check my local configuration from any device or firewall in my network, nothing is blocked but
    any device from my network is not able to browse the

    Please release the blocking my IP address

    many thanks

  2. Eshna Verma

    Eshna Verma Guest

    Billy- we have sent your concern to the respective team. We shall get back to you at the earliest.
  3. Billyc

    Billyc Guest


    Can you check with your teams, what is progress of this issues.....
    I am still unable to access with any of my browser, IE, Chrome, firefox...

    Thanks you for working on this issue...

  4. Hi,

    Our server automatically blocks IP if it suspects some kind of crawling activities. It looks like that your IP was blocked because of that reason.

    Are you on a shared network?

    Please confirm,

    Support Team

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