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Burndown Chart- Complete the sprint registering the Issues as done in other date than today?

Dario Sosa

Hi. I am about to finish the practice project.
After I complete the sprint I got the following burndown chart:

Burndown 1

As you can see above all the story points are registered done at Jul 21.
It is because I started and completed the sprint at the same date Jul 21.

With the purpose of practice or estimation I would like to get the burndown like this

Burndown 2

You can see above the story points distributed along the days.
The issues are registered done in different dates.
To get that I have to log the work and set the issue done in different days.
I have to wait every single day to work on the sprint logging and set the issue done.

My question is.
Is there a way to get the burndown chart by logging the work and setting the issues done for future dates just for practice or estimation. I mean to get it with no need to wait 2 weeks sprint to get it ? Just to visualize.

In order to make myself more clear.
If I have a two weeks sprint with three issues today. Let'say that each issue will take me one per day in the following three days.

Is it possible to log work and set each issue as done like:

a) issue1- done date = today+1
a) issue2- done date = today+2
a) issue3- done date = today+3

and get TODAY a burndown chart like burndown2.

Please let me know if it is possible and how. I really appreciate any orientation.
I thank you very much.



Ravi T

Well-Known Member
Simplilearn Support
Hi Learner,

I have not tried this but I believe JIRA doesn't provide such predictable data.

Ravi Tulsiani