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    Dec 17, 2018
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    I intend to appear soon in the exam. but am not able to proceed further after keying in my exam voucher code on the EC -Council Exam Centre website. Where do I get the proctor Login ID and Password?. What are the steps after that?
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    Dec 11, 2018
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    I also faced similar problem and confusion recently, but managed to find my way.
    Go through the Proctor guide PDF sent on ur registered mail by Simplilearn after you successfully complete the course. It gives step by step guidance on how to register in the exam portal, how to register in the proctor portal and finally how to schedule your exam. The catch which puzzeled me for a couple of days was that the proctor portal provided in the mail, was no longer linked with Simplilearn and hence wouldnt let me register beyond a date. I contacted Simplilearn customer care and thankfully they were able to resolve the issue through a new mail and a different Proctor portal in a day or two. In such a case keep your registered email id, exam voucher code validity and your course validity handy. Generally these are the info that the customer care asks for. In case ur getting stuck in the exam portal or the proctor portal somewhere, take a snapshot and keep it ready to be sent to Simplilearn thru mail if asked for.
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