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Rakesh Deshpande

Simplilearn Support
Hello Career Aspirant,

Hope your learning experience with simplilearn is delightful. We always celebrate our learners success ( Globally acclaimed certification or a promotion ) and that's why we always look forward to help our learners in every possible way (Selecting the best participant(s) , providing access for free courses and so on..)

Who am I? : I am Rakesh Deshpande, Global Teaching Assistant.
( Certified Exin Agile Scurm Master, A Blogger, Passionate Web & App Developer )

The intent of choosing any course(s) is to master the technology or to understand the methodology or train your own team(s) and so on..Every learner, I would say "a Passionate Learner" who is willing to learn more than the specified boundries this poll result will help to choose YOUR learning path.

What you need to do :
Participate in the poll and select the option you think is the BEST as per the current IT trend so that you help your learning community to shape their career. Comment on this thread for choosing the relevant option as an information on why it is important and share some fantastic article links for future reference.

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