Class completion status is not getting updated after finishing the courses

Discussion in 'Simplilearn Support' started by _11156, Sep 24, 2020.

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    Since last two days I am facing a strange issue. Even after I finish the course the course completion status is not getting updated. Not sure if this issue only for me or for the whole simplilearn student community.
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    Hi Learner,

    Please be informed that 1 CLASS consists of Multiple sessions post completion of all the sessions your attendance progress will change from 0 CLASS completed into 1 CLASS completed.
    and the grey tick mark is an indication that you were present in the session without any Webex, network, Internet issues.

    The tick mark is basically an indicator that you were there in the session without any fluctuation in your internet speed or connection. Sometimes there is no tick mark shown for the dates even though you have attended the 85% of that session due to fluctuation in your internet while you were attending or if in case you got disconnected even once from WebEx during the session. Do not panic as it is a common process and your actual attendance along with the number of times and the devices you used is still captured in our system in real-time and will be reflecting after 24 hours of the end of the batch only in your LMS. So please do not worry and focus on completing your full batch.
    Once your batch gets over, you need to wait for 24 hours for our attendance to get updated in the LMS as its an automated process where it is calculated from the database before releasing and then, your attendance will change from "0 Class(es) completed" to "1 Class(es) completed" and will start reflecting in your LIVE CLASSES tab in the LMS for your respective course.
    If in case after 24 hours of the end time of the last session of the batch your attendance is still not reflecting then you just need to raise a ticket and let us know so that we can check with our technical team and release your correct attendance.

    Nagma Moghul

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