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Cleared PMP exam

Hello folks,

Glad to share the news, that I cleared PMP exam today. I would like to thank my trainers during my subscribed duration and the team.



Hi There,

I passed PMP exam on 7th March. I want to take this opportunity to thank Simplilearn team on supporting all the way.
My special thanks to Bala ( trainer) who explained the topics very detailed and made my job easier and Priaymwada Singh who provided all admin support. It's huge relief now and thank you so much.

My approach :

1) Studied Rita first 4 chapters but realised not a suitable reference for me. So I stopped studying Rita, instead attempted all question after each chapter.
2) Simplilean online videos multiple time, worked very well for me
3) 2-3 times reading of Simplilearn eBook
4) PMBOK one time fully and second time first 4 chapters
5) Then last 2 weeks attempting mock tests and closing my knowledge gaps ( This is very very important)
6) Tried online free mock tests (Oliver Lehmann, Head first etc )
7) I also followed some blogs, forums for formulas and little extra explanations on topics
8) Finally, I always tried to finish mock tests earlier than stated to improve my speed and accuracy. This strategy really worked in the final exam. I was able to use all the 4 hours time. I reviewed my marked answers even I completed attempting all 200 questions early.

I hope this helps to those who attempts soon or find a way which works for your study plan.

Best regards
Gangadhar Naidu


Active Member
Hi Manish,

First of all congratulation for the pmp. I need your support to know about best PMP book.. my some of the friend suggested RITA is the best PMP book. Can you please share your experience which book is easy to understand.