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    1. A pharmaceutical company wants to launch a new over-the-counter medication for flu in the U.S. market. The project manager is identifying project communication constraints. Which of the following is NOT a valid constraint?

    A.Getting an FDA approval before producing or selling the medicine
    B. The key person responsible for communicating the information on the project may not be available through the entire project
    C. The milestone meeting should be attended by all the major key stakeholders
    D. The project has teams working in different geographical locations and time shifts

    Correct Option:B

    >>>Hi @timjerome,

    Please help me understand how to approach this question. Why is option A a communication constraint?


    Which of the following subsidiary plans manages the flow of information to keep stakeholders engaged and informed?
    Stakeholder management plan
    Communications management plan
    Human resource management plan
    Project management plan

    Correct Option:B

    >>> Hi @timjerome,

    This answer could be either A or B. I initially selected A since the stakeholder mgmt plan focuses on keeping stakeholders "engaged and informed." So why is the correct answer B? Thank you.

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    A) it is a limiting factor we have no control over - a constraint.
    B) It is a risk - it might happen, and if it does, it will have an impact.
    C) This is an issue; if we have no control over it and must build into the project, it is also a constraint.
    D) This is a constraint - you will have no control over this.

    For such questions, remember the precise definitions of the concepts.

    /* */

    Look at the precise definitions:

    COmmunications Management Plan:
    * How communications will be planned, structured, implemented, and monitored for effectiveness.

    Stakeholder Engagement Plan
    * Identifies strategies and actions ("how") required to promote productive involvement of stakeholders in decision-making and execution.

    It's correct that we use communication to engage our stakeholders, but the communications management plan is *the* plan for talking about 1-1 exchange of communication, not merely on how to use communication to engage stakeholders.

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