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    Hi @tim jerome

    >> For the scenario below, I assumed the PM had to be added so the total number jumped from 6 to 11 stakeholders and the team is not listed so I selected A since 40 was not an answer choice. Thank you very much.

    You are the project manager for the ABC Project. Initially, you identified 5 stakeholders for your project. As the project moved ahead, 5 more stakeholders got involved in the project. Assuming that they all need to communicate with each other, how many additional communication channels should be there?

    A. Depends on the number of project team members
    B. 5
    C. 45
    D. 35

    Correct Option:D

    Using the formula N(N-1)/2, where N represents the number of stakeholders, there are 35 communication channels. Initially there were 5 stakeholders which made 10 channels. An addition of 5 more members means the team has 10 members and 45 channels. Therefore, the additional communication channels are 45-10=35.
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    The answer is going to either be 35 (without the PM) or 40 (with the PM). This question can be interpreted either way.

    It's frustrating, but sometimes, such questions can be easily solved with brute force.

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    Following up on this question:
    The questions says PM identified 5 stake if we add PM it will be 6....

    Please clarify.

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    During my preparation for PMP Exam i consulted lot of guides and material.
    In one of guide i came across one technique to find best answer that , read the option first in backward order , then last sentence of question statement (What is asked ) and then question full statement.
    Also there would be questions you can not answer or even understand, those will confuse you.
    There may be poorly worded or grammatically incorrect questions , or answer choices on the exam , would you let this distract you.
    Remember that rules you recognize are meant to be broken sometime depending situation given .
    Watch out for choices that are given , few times statement are true but don't answer the question and some time they appear to be false but answer the question.
    Another day I was reading Book with title SWITCH , came across term TBU (True but useless) . PMP test lot in it.

    Coming to query you raised Tim has said about Brute Force.
    Look for that force in choices given and you can say to question writer Hey You made poor statement or options or both . you missed PM and then ok 35 is right answer but if you had also put 40 instead of 45 then It was real luck question. I would have simply tossed coin then no hard feeling .
    He might answer Do you mean PM forgot to identify himself as Stakeholder?
    Some way enjoy your journey so you have destination.
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    Thanks Arvind.
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    Yes, I too have the same doubt since, in all the mock tests that I attended so far, in a similar type of question where they say, PM and 'x' stakeholders, while finding out communication channels, PM has always been included to find the write option. So, in this particular question, when there is no answer matching, we tend to tick the first option A. :(

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