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    One of the most frequently asked questions is this:

    Will I be required to renew each of my CompTIA, if I have multiple certificaitons?

    Answer: No. You will only e asked to renew at your highest level of CompTIA certification held.
    As an example if you hold the CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Security +, then you will only need to meet continuing education requirements for CompTIA Security + which will in turn renew your other certification. This rule applies no matter how many CompTIA certifications you hold.

    Please pose other CompTIA FAQ here.
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    The CompTIA exams will contain performance based questions, which test your ability to solve problems in a simulated environment. These performance based questions will appear at the start of the exam, so they will be easy to spot. If you don't feel comfortable solving a PBQ question, then you should move onto the next question. Just be sure to click the done box before moving on, so any work you have done on that question will be saved and then you can review the question later to complete it.
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    Performance based questions can be challenging to answer as you can't simply cram facts and expect to answer these correctly. You have to apply what you know about real world job scenarios (IT related) to the question. Organize your knowledge on page, so that you can see your knowledge gaps. Fill in the blanks with additional study as needed.

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