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    types of custom settings -
    1. List Custom Settings
    2. Hierarchy Custom Settings
    List custom settings -
    1. List Custom Settings are like custom objects.
    2. We can create the fields and we can store the records.
    3. List Custom Settings records will store in Application Cache memory.
    4. To access List Custom Settings records no need to use SOQL query.
    5. Example: Based on the regions, zip codes should be retrieved. In this case, If you store these records in a custom object every time we need to query from the database. Instead, if you store the records in List Custom Settings, without consuming SOQL query we can capture the information from the database.
    Hierarchy custom settings -
    1. We can add users and profiles.
    2. After that, we can check that a particular/current logged in user is part of this custom settings.
    3. We can refer this in below components -
      1. Validation Rules
      2. Apex Classes and Apex Triggers
      3. Visualforce Pages

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