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    Hi @timjerome,

    I would sincerely appreciate your assistance with the questions below.

    1) A Project Manager has made a major release in the project. The customer tells you a week after the release that he is not entirely satisfied with the deliverable. What should the project manager do NEXT?

    Continue with the next deliverable to finish the project on time
    Discuss the customer concern and resolution with the senior manager
    Ensure that next deliverables have enough features, which the customer would like to have, to exceed his expectations
    Do a scope verification of this deliverable to see if it satisfies project objectives

    Correct Option is D

    >>I went with B here since I figured: 1) option B meant analyze first, and 2) this was occurring several steps after scope verification. Is the word "release" here synonymous with "acceptance of deliverables?" Thank you.

    2) You are a project manager for a project in the execution stage. The current Schedule Performance Index (SPI) and Cost Performance Index (CPI) for the project are 1.2 and 1.1. The project performance is well within the baseline. The defects found during the internal testing for the last deliverable were well below organization limits. However, the customer does not seem to be happy with the project's progress. What should be the FIRST thing the Project Manager does?

    Start managing the project as you gain more insight into day-to-day responsibilities
    Meet with the project team to understand open issues in the project
    Conduct a meeting with the customer to understand his concern over the project's progress
    Improve the project schedule and cost control measure so that SPI and CPI reaches above 1.5
    Correct Option:C

    >>I did select option C here - but I'm a little confused because in which of these situations should we "analyze first?" The question #2, Option B also seems plausible because the defects are below org limits AND the project progress is ahead of schedule. Thanks in advance.

    3) After a major milestone release, some of the key stakeholders are not happy and complain that their requirements are not met. To ensure their approval for the release, the project manager should have involved them in the process:

    Project Management Plan Development
    Identifying Constraints
    Validate Scope
    Schedule Management
    Correct Option:C

    >>Which language here implies that the stakeholders were not involved in the Validate Scope process? It seems the most logical answer considering the options but why is option A incorrect? Thank you.

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