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Data Science Certification Training - R Programming | Deepesh Kumar Mishra | Aug 14 - Sep 12

Vaishnavi Chauhan

Active Member
Simplilearn Support
Hi Learners :)

Greetings !!

Hope you all are doing great.

Kindly use this forum to discuss your doubts with your trainer and classmates.

I hope this will help you.

Happy Learning !! :D

Tapan Kumar Ojha

Active Member

I am not able to join the class.. it was disconnected in between.. and getting error message:

The downloaded file isn't opening... How to download audio n video of 22nd class?
here is the screenshot


  • Screenshot (8).png
    Screenshot (8).png
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Tapan Kumar Ojha

Active Member
Today session was very nice and very well explained.. did not get an option to give the feedback. The way he explained it was easy to understand. this was the best session as compare to the previous one. hope to get more sessions from him.
Practice question.. Consider the dataset mtcars. Output (write) the data in this data set into a csv file and name the csv file as mtcars.csv. 3. Consider the dataset diamonds in the folder datasets. Subset the dataset with criteria as cut=Premium and color=J
Topic: Null Hypothesis and Alternate Hypothesis.
Question of Stats using R ...
*A vendor claims that his company fills any accepted order, on average, in at most six working days. You suspect that the average is greater than six working days and want to test the claim. How will you set up the null and alternative hypotheses?
Topic: Normal Distribution

Mercury makes a 2.4 lt V-6 engine, The Laser XRi, used in speedboats. The companies engineer believe that the engine delivers an average power of 220 horsepower and that the standard deviation of power delivered is 15 horsepower.
A potential buyer intends to sample 100 engines(each engine to be run a single time). What is the probability that the sample mean will be less than 217 horsepower?